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Buy mobile credit for over 170 mobile networks around the world including AT&T, T-Mobile, Digicel, Claro, LIME and Movistar.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How long does it take for credit to be added to my account?
A. Credit is added to your account instantly as soon as your credit card has been charged. This is much better than some other websites, that process your top-up manually taking up to 12 hours to add credit to your account.

Q. Can I use my own (Australian, British, Irish, New Zealand or Singaporean) credit card, or do I need a credit card issued in the same country as my SIM card?
A. You can use your own credit card. This makes us a great alternative to buying credit directly from the mobile network. Some networks (such as AT&T and T-Mobile USA) only accept credit cards issued in that country; buying your mobile credit top-up from us lets you get around this limitation.

Q. I'm charged a little bit more than what was quoted when I added my credit. What's all this about?
A. There is a small charge added to cover credit card processing fees. Please note that even with this charge, this is one of the cheapest places to buy mobile top-up credit. Many other websites charge a higher surcharge when adding credit and tax is often added to the cost of credit when buying a top-up voucher at your destination.

Q. I want to add more credit. Why doesn't the system let me add all my credit?
A. Ezetop, our partner who process your credit top up, have a very strict process for processing credit card payments that is designed to prevent fraudulent transactions and protect their customers security. This can also makes it difficult for genuine customers when they need to make either large top ups or top ups to multiple SIM cards. This restriction means that you have a limit on how much mobile top up credit you can buy when you first register, for 48 hours you cannot credit your account for more than $20 depending on you you are. After this you can top up as often and for as much as you wish.

Q. How can I contact customer service?
A. Your mobile top up recharge will be processed by Ezetop. You can contact Ezetop by email at